Why Me for your Real Estate Needs?

                         "IT'S MY ROLE TO GUIDE AND ADVISE YOU, 


BLAH BLAH BLAH.... you know the usual generic blurb you'll read on just about every realtors website, you can even read mine below:)

The Helping People Business (that's really the business I'm in)

For as long as I can remember I’ve held a passion for building lasting relationships and helping people, and over 9 years ago it was intensified after my 5 year old  son Ryder was diagnosed and later even more after he passed away because of cancer.

After he passed, I spent quite a bit of time lost trying to understand my place in this world, trying to figure out the point of it all and trying to figure out what was next for me. After fleeting visits back into past professions I decided that no matter what my true passion runs in giving back and helping people as much as possible. All I had to do next is figure out how to do that full-time.

So 3 years ago I set in motion to follow my passion of helping people with my passion for real estate and dove into becoming a full time realtor and here I am. I absolutely love what I do. There's very little that give me a better feeling that helping clients with their real estate goals, handing over a set of keys to a new home or helping packing boxes for a big move.

But why would you choose me? there's 14,000 other realtors in the GVRD

  1. Because I really care about helping you.

  2. It's not about the pay cheque.

  3. I'm really good at what I do.

  4. I love what I do!

Give me a call let's talk, doesn't even need to be about real estate. I'd love to chat.


(Usual blah blah below)
I believe whether you're looking to buy or sell property the number 1 goal is be be able to trust your realtor. I can truly say and believe you've come to the right place. By working with me, I will ensure that all your real estate needs are met and will guide you every step of the way with complete trust and comfort throughout the process.

Buying or selling a home should be one of the greatest experiences  you go through in life and it's my role to make it so. I will provide professional, courteous and expert advice and guidance you deserve during this complex process to turn it into a fun and fruitful experience

As a homeowner here in Vancouver I am acutely aware of the challenges a person can face when considering dealing within the Vancouver housing market. I can be there for you whether you are looking at a Condominium, Townhouse or Single Family Detached house in the Kitsilano, Kerrisdale, Falsecreek, Yaletown, Shaughnessy or Point Grey areas or anywhere in the Metro Vancouver housing market.

Let's get started! Search for your ideal home by viewing featured listings as well as thousands of homes for sale listed on the MLS®.

Feel free to contact me to find out more about properties for sale, the latest market updates or for real estate advice.

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