Mortgage Comparison

Below is a comparison from my #1 mortgage broker referral partner Maureen Young of purchasing 

a condo in Vancouver in January 2020 compared to purchasing a condo in June 2020 reflecting both 

the change in purchase price and the decreases in both fixed and variable mortgage rates.

Comparison of average, insured (less than 20% down) mortgage rates January 2020 to June 2020


January 2020 5 year fixed 2.74% vs June 2020 5 year fixed 1.99%

January 2020 5 year Variable 2.65% vs June 2020 5 year variable 1.99%
(prime of 3.95% less 1.30%)                      (prime of 2.45% less .46%)

Summary of purchase price, down payment and mortgage payments

                                                            January 2020      vs       June 2020
Benchmark price as per REBGV       $663,200                     $680,800
Down payment                                       - 41,320                        - 43,080
Mortgage                                              $621,880                       $637,720
Plus mortgage insurance                     + 24,875                        + 25,508
Total Mortgage                                     $646,755                       $663,228

Monthly Mortgage Payments            January 2020       vs    June 2020

5 Year Fixed at 2.74%                          $2,975                             $2,805 5 Year Fixed at 1.99%
5 year Variable at 2.65%                    $2,945                             $2,805 5 Year Variable at 1.99%

Over five years, you would save $10,200 in payments if you took out a 5 year fixed rate mortgage now
compared to January 2020 while a variable rate mortgage today would save you $8,400 over 5 years if
you took it out now compared to January 2020.

The average price of a Vancouver condo increased from January 2020 to July 2020 by 2.65% and at
the same time interest rates significantly decreased resulting in a lower cost of home ownership now
compared to buying in January 2020.

In addition, the Bank Stress Test rate has decreased to 4.94% and it’s the first time the stress test has
been below 5.00%, increasing a buyer’s purchasing power. The stress test is rate buyer’s are
qualified at rather than the interest rate you pay.

There are also other government incentives such as the First Time Home Buyer Incentive and the 
RRSP Home Buyers’ Plan that help buyers make the move into home ownership.

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