September 2020

Canadian Housing Market Sets Record Highs In August!

Posted on Sep 27, 2020

The release of August housing data by the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) showed a blockbuster August with both sales and new listings hitting their highest levels in 40 years of data--exceeding the record July activity levels. This continues the rebound in housing that began four months ago.

National home sales rose a further 6.2% on a mont...

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Reverse Mortgages

Posted on Sep 16, 2020


In this post I'll be covering the eight most commonly asked questions regarding reverse mortgages.  

Okay, reverse mortgages. This subject is pretty big and way bigger than just one post so with the help of one of the leading reverse mortgage brokers across Canada, we've decided to break this subject into 3 posts. In today's post I’m going to co...

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Posted on Sep 16, 2020


In this blog I'll be covering the top five ways clients can use reverse mortgages when working with a realtor. 

1. Clients often want to sell their home and downsize to free up equity and pay off debt or help fund retirement. A reverse mortgage could be used to purchase the clients a home that's better in size or maybe in a more desirable neig...

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7 Things About Mortgage Insurance You Probably Didn't Know!

Posted on Sep 15, 2020

In this blog I'll be covering seven things you probably didn't know about mortgage insurance. 

Mortgage insurance is always required when you're purchasing a home with less than 20% down, and there are three insurers in Canada. CMHC, part of the federal government, Genworth and Canada Guaranty. To be eligible for mortgage insurance, all insurers requ...

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     Bank of Canada Relies on       Quantitative Easing

Posted on Sep 11, 2020

As promised, the Bank held its target overnight rate at the effective lower bound of 25 basis points with the clear notion that negative policy rates are not in the cards. Instead, the central bank will rely on large-scale asset purchases--quantitative easing (QE--of at least $5 billion per week of Government of Canada bonds. QE adds liquidity to t...

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3 Steps to Help Choosing Your Realtor

Posted on Sep 08, 2020

Did you know?

Did you know there's over 12,500 realtors in the Vancouver and surrounding areas? All vying for your business and in that sea of realtors, how do you choose someone to work with that's got your best interests at heart that will get you closer to your real estate goals? Well, outside of a personal referral which is always the best way...

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