January 2019

Home Buyers Frequently Asked Question's

Posted on Jan 30, 2019

I'm thinking of buying my first home, where do I start?

Step 1 is to get pre-qualified, not just pre-approved, for a mortgage. A pre-qualification takes into consideration your income, your down payment and your entire credit history, including your credit score to give you an accurate estimate on what you actually qualify for. A pre-qualification c...

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Assessing and Understanding the Value of Your Home

Posted on Jan 06, 2019

Wondering what the current value of your property is? Well as a starting point the 2019 BC Property Assessments are now available online (you will also be receiving yours in the mail any day now)!

But what do Property Assessments mean? 
Understanding what property assessments are and the process to attain this information can be a tricky one - especi...

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