Assessing and Understanding the Value of Your Home

Wondering what the current value of your property is? Well as a starting point the 2019 BC Property Assessments are now available online (you will also be receiving yours in the mail any day now)!

But what do Property Assessments mean? 
Understanding what property assessments are and the process to attain this information can be a tricky one - especially the way it is explained on the BC Assessments website. For the most part, what you need to know is that a property assessment is the provincial Crown corporations determination of a property's market value based of some very basic formulas.

Is this the true value of my home?
While these assessments provide an estimate of the value of your home, always look at them with a critical eye. These assessments do not accurately portray the current market value and should not be solely relied upon to gauge your property’s worth. A better reflection of your homes market value is to base it off recent market activity. The value provided on your property assessment does not dictate what the sale price could be for your home. I can provide you with a complete comparative market analysis that will tell you what your home/property is approximately worth. 

Even if you’re not a homeowner, information is power.
Even if you are not currently a homeowner, it’s always good to understand the real estate market you live in. A knowledgeable buyer has a great advantage when it comes time to purchasing their first home. Always know that I am here to help you understand the real estate market in Vancouver and throughout the Lower Mainland and to make the process easy and exciting – as it should be!

Contact me today for your free, no obligation comparative market analysis of your home and location so you can make an informed decision about any current or future real estate plans.